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Meet LaShay  

Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Dear Fellow Democrat,

I am writing to announce my intent to seek re-election to Rochester City Council, South District. I have served my community for nearly 30 years as an Emergency Medical Provider and Emergency Medical Service Educator. Service is something that has been a part of my career and vowed to continue as your Councilmember.

In April 2019, I was appointed to serve as Councilwoman for Rochester City Council South District and was elected to serve a term beginning January 2020. I vowed to support neighborhoods, small businesses, stimulate economic growth and work on public safety initiatives to keep our communities safe.


Since being elected I have voted for the following key items to improve our community:
• Continuation of Senior meal delivery services
• Senior emergency grants – (housing – lower age to 55)
• Corn Hill Riverwalk
• Buy the Block Program
• Universal Guaranteed Basic Income
• Workforce Development Mobile Multi-Purpose Unit
• Peace Collective
• R Center Health, Wellness, Emotional well being
• Approved Bulls Head Redevelopment Project
• Creation of the Police Accountability Board

In my tenure, I have also:
• Served as an Advisory board member and advocate for the City of Rochester’s Person in Crisis (PIC) Unit
• Inaugural member/officer of the City of Rochester’s Roc Against Gun Violence Coalition
• Hosted quarterly Public Safety Meetings focusing on a holistic lens to public Safety expanding to include Animal Control, Public Health, Parks, Public Works, Emergency  Services, and the Rochester Fire Department.
• Hosted the first ever Estate Planning Summit


I believe city government should be fiscally responsible, support neighborhoods and small business; and stimulate economic growth. I will continue to serve the South District by striving to make the City of Rochester a better place than it was yesterday, which begins with supporting sensible city budget solutions that will not add to the burden of taxpayers. It is my goal to continue to support bringing jobs to Rochester, encourage the development of neighborhoods, and support public safety initiatives to keep our community safe.

Please consider supporting me, as I seek re-election to represent South District. I stand on a record of grass root advocacy with a record of doing the work to make this City a better place to live. I humbly ask that that you let me continue to work for you, as your City Councilwoman!


Thank you





LaShay D. Harris

Rochester City Council South District










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