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South District Updates

Councilmember Harris with solutions for Public Safety by the initiation and launch of the 'Report it' App with Mayor Evans and Council Colleagues

Vote in the General election 
During Early Voting days and times, a voter may choose to cast their ballot at any one of the thirteen Early Voting polling sites in Monroe County that is most convenient. 
This convenience is only available during Early Voting.  On Election Day, voters must report to their assigned polling sites to cast their ballot.

Early Voting Dates and Times

October 28th - November 5th 2023

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 9 am - 5 pm 

Tuesday & Thursday: 11 am - 8 pm

Early Voting locations:


700 North St, Rochester NY 14605


39 W Main St, Rochester NY 14614


41 Backus St, Rochester NY 14608


350 Waring Rd, Rochester NY 14609


680 Westfall Rd, Rochester NY 14620 (ASL Interpreter at site)

General Election Day November 7th, 2023 (assigned polling site)

Look up you site HERE




Councilmember LaShay Harris (South District) joined Mayor Evans and fellow Councilmembers
Tuesday to announce a new tool for public safety in Rochester: Report It. 
Report It Anonymous Reporting System is a free program that allows users to report non-
emergency criminal activity to the City anonymously.  The program, which is available both as a
smartphone app and online, provides a new avenue for Rochester residents to alert the City and
Rochester Police Department to crimes. 

“This technology will allow the City and Rochester Police Department to work harder and more
efficiently to keep our residents safe,” Councilmember Harris said. “I’m proud to be a part of this
pivotal shift in public safety, and to champion the safety of residents in the South District and
across the City.” 

The technology, which is used in cities throughout America, was implemented after
Councilmember Harris researched its merits and suggested it to the Mayor. 

“We needed a way to collect crime tips using the modes of communications people use today, and
the most used device is the cell phone,” Councilmember Harris said.  “With this application,
citizens can report suspicious activity with the assurance they will remain anonymous, which is a
critical component of our work to restore the partnership between the community and the Police

Councilmember Harris recommended the app after noticing it on the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Website, lauding it for its strong focus on the privacy and security of its users. 


In the South District and across the City, residents care about safety just as much as they care about their privacy,” Councilmember Harris said. “With Report It, the City and RPD have a new way to quickly respond to citizens’ concerns while keeping their privacy a top priority.” 
The City will implement Report It for a one year trial period, with the option to expand at the end of the pilot program. 

To begin a crime-tip report using Report It, text ‘Rochester’ to 63975. To download the app, text
‘report it’ to 63975.

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Rochester City Councilmember LaShay Harris (South District) joined Deputy Mayor Patrick
Cunningham and fellow leaders of Rochester’s Caribbean-American community today to
declare June Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

“Caribbean influences are crucial to the culture of Rochester and the culture of America as a
whole,” said Councilmember Harris. “It’s important that we recognize the impact of Caribbean-
Americans today, this month, and every day.”

Councilmember Harris presented a City Proclamation on behalf of Mayor Malik Evans and City
Council officially declaring the month of June Caribbean-American Heritage Month in

“Caribbean-Americans in Rochester and beyond contribute to business, education, art and
entertainment. Their names can be found in history books, on the biggest world stages and in
the most intimate local settings,” said Councilmember Harris. “Rihanna, Cicely Tyson, W.E.B.
Du Bois, WyClef Jean, Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier all share Caribbean-
American heritage, to name a few.”

Local Caribbean-American leaders joined Councilmember Harris to celebrate the start of
Caribbean-American Heritage month. David Scott of the Monroe County Office of Diversity,
Rochester Jamaican Organization President Joel Frater and Rochester West Indian Festival
Organization Executive Board Member Cheryl Hayward all stood with Councilmember Harris to
underscore the impact of Caribbean-Americans on Rochester. 

“Like many in our city, I too have connections to the Islands. It is crucial to the health and
visibility of all Caribbean-Americans in Rochester that we bring this culture, heritage and
community into the spotlight,” Councilmember Harris said. “I look forward to celebrating
Caribbean Americans with you all this month and beyond. Big Up, Jamaica!”

19th Ward Community Association Annual Square Fair.... a Success!

On the First Saturday of June once again families came together as one for the 19th Ward Community Association (19WCA) Square Fair Festivities. Councilmember Harris, the Chair of the 19WCA Annual Square Fair event serving since 2011 with her team produced one of the best-ever Square Fair. This year the 19WCA Square Fair partnered with Xperience Live Events promoter of the Rochester Summer Soul Music Fest.

As with anything a picture is worth a thousand words

Click on the link here to see the pictures from the event.

2022 Inaugural Roc Seniors Estate Planning Summit 

In December 2022, Councilmember LaShay D. Harris and Mayor D. Malik Evans hosted the  Inagurual Roc Seniors Estate Planning Summit in collaboration with Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Senior Expressions Founder Martha Hope.

Participants received workshops on end-of-life solutions, power of attorney, life decisions, etc. 

Many families have lose dollars that should have be retained as family legacy. The summit was designed to educate families to prevent the loss of generational wealth. The summit offered financial empowerment resources, legacy presevation and fellowship surrounding vitality. 

Population: 50+

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